Tenshodo FT set


mph: Had the same problem with my car shop doors when I tried to pull a hi-cube boxcar in. Apr 4, 2021 9:38:15 GMT -5
JNXT 7707: Electric locomotives are also high pieces with their catenaries, even when not raised. Apr 4, 2021 10:09:43 GMT -5
dastumer: Not necessarily, it depends on the locomotive. Foreign designs such as the ACS-64 and AEM7 keep a low profile, with the pantographs lowered they're shorter than a GP. Apr 4, 2021 12:26:36 GMT -5
yardmaster54: My grandson cut the grass today for the first time this year. I'm on light duty until May, so he'll cover for me until then. Apr 4, 2021 17:53:45 GMT -5 *
newbieho: if ONLY I could get my grandson to do that.... Apr 4, 2021 20:35:57 GMT -5
newbieho: WAIT!!! I do NOT have a grandson! Apr 4, 2021 20:36:19 GMT -5
oldtimer52: Maybe that's why you can't get him to cut the lawn for you!!! :D Apr 4, 2021 22:46:38 GMT -5
newbieho: clazy Apr 4, 2021 22:51:45 GMT -5
newbieho: There is just something about lighted train carriages, running in the dark, that warms the soul. I am working in the basement and the trains are running in the dark nearby. Apr 5, 2021 11:58:37 GMT -5
ZeldaTheSwordsman: It's why I want to put lights in all of mine Apr 7, 2021 14:50:27 GMT -5
The Jade Fog, formerly: Dave: Those last comments reminded me of when I was a kid, we had a Tyco floodlight car and a C-430 with a bright cab light. We would run trains in darkness and set buildings and other trains to make a shadowland world passing by on the walls. Apr 8, 2021 10:10:37 GMT -5
rbturner: It was warmer here than in Texas yesterday. Apr 8, 2021 10:50:40 GMT -5
wks: I remember doing a similar situation with the floodlight car. Telephone poles and trees would look nice in those shadows. Can be recreated today. Apr 8, 2021 14:11:41 GMT -5
yardmaster54: There is nothing like the light of a locomotive shining down the rails in the dark on your layout. :) Apr 8, 2021 18:41:07 GMT -5 *
ZeldaTheSwordsman: Anyone own the Vollmer roundhouse and a protractor? Apr 9, 2021 7:33:26 GMT -5
umpdan31: Hobbylink has 3 and 6 bay Vollmer Roundhouses, Zelda. Here's the link... www.hobbylinc.com/vollmer-3-stall-roundhouse-kit-ho-scale-model-railroad-building-45754 Apr 10, 2021 22:55:00 GMT -5
umpdan31: Never mind. They're out of stock. Apr 10, 2021 22:56:18 GMT -5
umpdan31: Try this, Zelda. Don't know how much you want to spend. www.reynaulds.com/products/Vollmer/45754.aspx Apr 10, 2021 22:59:12 GMT -5
ZeldaTheSwordsman: I don't want to buy it just to measure the angle between the berths :P And even if I was up for buying it, don't have the cash right now. Apr 11, 2021 0:06:07 GMT -5
ZeldaTheSwordsman: Thanks for the link tho, because the measurement info actually gave me the angle measure I was after. The berths are at 15-degree offsets which makes the outer angle at where they meet 165 degrees. Apr 11, 2021 0:09:14 GMT -5