Model Power Triple Tanker


The Jade Fog, formerly: Dave: Good News tonight! The Flamingo Spotlight summoned TK and Lord Fog to a meeting for the reopening of the Stiegel Valley Railroad! First order of business will be to do some cleaning and maintenance. Hello again SVRR! A year and half was far too long. Jul 22, 2021 21:15:43 GMT -5
JNXT 7707: HOO-WAH! Jul 22, 2021 23:44:01 GMT -5
wks: Hopefully there will be little to clean. Jul 23, 2021 9:53:02 GMT -5
wks: If not you can bring your giant spider model to add to the layout. Jul 23, 2021 9:54:19 GMT -5
methuener: Goodbye, Cleveland Indians. Hello, Cleveland Guardians. Jul 23, 2021 19:47:27 GMT -5
JNXT 7707: The world is stupid. Jul 23, 2021 20:19:01 GMT -5
umpdan31: Gardians? Gardians of what? Jul 23, 2021 21:49:26 GMT -5
JNXT 7707: A question asked by many and answered by few. Apparently there are two stone "guardians" on an old bridge nearby. I guess they are guarding the bridge. Be safe. Jul 24, 2021 7:57:53 GMT -5
methuener: As a graphic designer, I hate the new font and logo. I was hoping they would become the Buckeyes in honor of the old Negro League team. Probably too many copyright restrictions. Jul 24, 2021 8:16:27 GMT -5
TK Dave: What I hate, is this political correctness and cancel culture. Jul 24, 2021 11:45:53 GMT -5
JNXT 7707: Until regular people stand up and say "NO", this **** will keep on keeping on. It's never politically correct enough. In reality it's a very small, very vocal group that are tearing our country down with this idiocy. Jul 24, 2021 14:09:13 GMT -5
umpdan31: In about 50 years from now kids won't even know anything about the Civil War. Jul 24, 2021 17:37:57 GMT -5
toyhoarder: Research has found that COVID can be transmitted through flatulence. Gives new meaning to "silent but deadly". What I want to know is who did the research; how they did the research; who paid for the research? Jul 24, 2021 21:14:40 GMT -5
toyhoarder: Gypsy Moths, Asian Carp and other animals must change their name because it is racist. ???? Jul 24, 2021 21:17:53 GMT -5
toyhoarder: In my state, you no longer have to take driving classes or a driver's test to get a driver's license. You just have to have a pice of paper saying you can drive. This may explain some of the new (lack of) skills on the road. :'( Jul 24, 2021 21:20:39 GMT -5
toyhoarder: I don't want to live on this planet anymore. Jul 24, 2021 21:23:21 GMT -5
G. Money: Who issues the piece of paper that’s says you know how to drive? Jul 25, 2021 0:24:04 GMT -5
toyhoarder: As far as I know, it can be a hand written note on any paper with another driver's statement that you can drive. Jul 25, 2021 2:44:04 GMT -5
JNXT 7707: Driver's licenses are more inclusive that way. Jul 25, 2021 7:52:49 GMT -5
newbieho: You all are correct about too much political correctness and cancel culture going on. As an asian, of Chinese and Thai descent, I really have no problem whatsoever about the SARS-CoV-2 virus being called the Wuhan virus. People have made a big deal of 0. Jul 25, 2021 12:15:13 GMT -5